china tea in fujian held the 2017 annual meeting of managers and summary & recognition conference.-利来娱乐


business activity

business activity

china tea in fujian held the 2017 annual meeting of managers and summary & recognition conference.

release time:2018-05-24

from 17 to 18, january, 2018, china tea in fujian held the 2017 annual reporting and appraisal meeting of managers with the theme of "challenging new heights without limits and restarting after adjustment". the management team, assistants and above from all departments, processing factories, and base companies attended the meeting.

the meeting was started by general manager wei saiming, who pointed out that with the joint efforts of all managers and staff, the company’s scale and efficiency hit a new record high respectively in 2017 and 2016, and well completed the objectives of the first year for the purpose "doubling in three years"! happiness is achieved through hard work. however, achievements can only represent the past. in 2018, we should re-start to face more severe challenges as required by cofco and china tea group. mr. wei also hoped that all managers can consolidate their successful experience via summary and reflection, find out the existing deficiencies, rearrange their thinking, and formulate the next goal and action plan.

on the meeting, a total of 38 managers respectively reported their main work done in 2017, existing problems and their countermeasures, and main working plan for 2018. the person-in-charge of each division acknowledged their work done in 2017, and put forward targeted working suggestions and requirements for managers.

by the closing of the meeting, general manager wei pointed out that 2017 was a year of hard work and a year of bumper harvest. although there were still some shortcomings, we will be able to set out again in a better attitude and challenge the new high again as long as we can directly face and rectify them. mr. wei also raised the following five requirements: firstly, we should carry out all work in accordance with the rules and regulations, and every department and each employee should control various risks. secondly, we should make clear the company's 2018 budget target of operation scale of rmb 400 million and make great efforts for it. thirdly, we should do a good job in the training and introduction of talents, cultivate subordinates, and establish a more perfect salary management system and incentive mechanism for talents. fourthly, we should stand at the overall height of china tea, realize internal and external, upstream and downstream cooperation, clarify the division of labor, and promote the development of the company. fifthly, we should have responsibility, integrity, morality, broad-mind, and dedication in our work, and carry out our work with our thought and realm.

on the afternoon of january 19, 2017, china tea in fujian held the 2017 annual work summary and recognition meeting.

on the meeting, chen jinchun, deputy general manager, comprehensively and briefly analyzed the company’s operation, main work and countermeasures to problems existing in 2017, as well as and the decomposition of budget indexes and key work arrangement in 2018, in the form of chart, picture, figure and others.

by the closing of the meeting, mr. wei pointed out that china tea in fujian hit a new high in 2017, breaking through the operating scale of rmb 320 million and increasing the efficiency by 159%, and such achievement was recognized highly by the party committee of china tea. this is the result of, hard struggle, overcoming difficulty, synergistic collaboration, and joint efforts of all staff. in the coming new year, we will unswervingly strive to achieve the goal of "doubling in 3 years and quadrupling in 5 years" of china tea under the overall layout of "integration" and "a board of chess".

at the meeting, general manager wei saiming issued certificates to those who were rated as the advanced group, excellent manager and advanced employees in 2017.

those employees with more than 30 years’ experience of working in the company were also presented souvenirs at the meeting. mr. wei commented that a person can serve a company and keep loyalty to a company for 30 years in his/her short life of career for several decades, is very not easy. he hopes that more and more young people can aspire to engage in the development of the company and china tea, so as to make our development course handed down from generation to generation!