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reference news: china tea: bringing charm of chinese tea to astana

release time:2018-05-30

on september 8, 2017, xinhua news agency published a report on china tea in the reference news. the full text is as follows:

the world expo has already become the biggest stage for countries to show their own elegant demeanor, ideology and proposition, from the european merchants’ regular markets in the middle ages, to the 1851 great exhibition of the works of industry of all nations held in the crystal palace, the first ever world expo, to 2010 shanghai world expo making china striking worldwide. on this stage, every item selected in the national name is the best representative of the country's economy and culture.

for china, such choice is a "happy worry" as there are too many delicate creations of the chinese civilization in this long-history and vast land. among them, tea, which has become famous in the world via the "silk road" thousands of years ago, is one of the undisputed candidates.

in the world expo being held in astana, kazakhstan, china tea co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “china tea”), founded in 1949 and honored with "china’s time-honored brand" showed its several tea products. the combination of "china’s time-honored brand" and "chinese civilization symbol” spread out a wisp of fragrance which has lasted for 1,000 years but still recalls boundless aftertastes, in the heart of the asian continent and the origin of the “belt and road” initiative.

the spread of tea has played an important role in promoting china's influence in the world. today, china is focusing on a new round of economic restructuring. the "belt and road" is china’s major strategy to implement a new round of opening-up, which will bring new historical development opportunities to the development of the chinese tea industry and the spread of the chinese tea culture.

among the china tea products displayed in this tea exhibition, "chinatea red seal", which inherits the historical classic formula, was a star product favored by consumers at home and abroad. puer tea is a kind of "antique tea" that can be stored and its flavor and fragrance will become more intense with the aging over time. "chinatea red seal" products are made with the superior yiwu big-leaf raw material and via manual compression. it is a good puer product worth collecting because its tea soup is thick and mellow and has orchid and plum aroma.

seawall jinhua citron tea is made from the oolong tea refined from yongchun buddha’s hand (also known as citron), in combination with the seawall embankment process and the process of fuzhuan tea. citron oolong tea has rich fragrance and thick taste and belongs to an oolong category with higher contents of oolong inclusions and flavonoids. jinhua is also called eurotium cristatum, is one of the important biological factors for the effect of fuzhuan tea. the extracellular enzymes produced from jinhua can decompose the organic matter in tea, promote the material transformation for improving tea quality of color, aroma and taste, and increase the beneficial ingredients in tea.

baoli flower tea is jasmine liu pao tea produced by use of unique adsorption performance and tea and fragrance emitting feature of jasmine slower, via scenting the mixed fresh jasmine flower buds and liu pao tea, after a series of processing steps. it not only keeps the natural tea soft, smooth, sweet and fresh flavor of liu pao tea, but also is full of the fresh lovely fragrance of jasmine flower, integrating both fragrance and aftertastes of tea. it is thick, smooth, exquisite, soft, and long-lasting in taste.

as one of the 18 specialized companies of cofco and one of the 12 grain and oil food industry chains of cofco, china tea, founded in 1949, is the oldest tea company with the most abundant categories and the complete industrial chain, and also the well-deserved "national team".

over more than half a century, the company's products brought fragrance at home and abroad as a national gift for many times, the brand "chinatea" won the high recognition and trust of dealers and consumers at home and abroad, and were offered in the major diplomatic protocol activities many times, becoming the symbol of chinese tea. and now, with china’s rise and the "going out" strategy promoted by the "belt and road" initiative, china tea, with the international gene, will no doubt play an irreplaceable role in the construction of the "belt and road" initiative.

the chinese tea culture blends the philosophical thought of confucianism, buddhism, and taoism, condensed the excellent cultural essence of the chinese nation, i.e., "integral nature and humanity" and "precious harmony" so that it has strong inclusiveness, affinity and cohesion and matches with china's propositions of "global governance" and common prosperity, etc. which china has been making efforts to promote.

in the process of the national strategic layout of the "belt and road" initiative, china tea will accurately choose important international markets and partners in a targeted way, establish characteristic marketing networks, enlarge the coverage and market share of china tea on the basis of mutual benefit and win-win results from cooperation, and realize adaption to markets, good sales based on superior quality, good faith management, and common prosperity. at the same time, through fairs, expositions, seminars, and cultural festivals held in the countries along the "belt and road", china tea will organize and carry out exchange and marketing activities in key marketing countries and regions, bring the concept the chinese tea culture, i.e., "clear, quiet, elegant and harmonious" more widespread, so as to promote the soft power of the chinese tea culture and strengthen the influence and leading position of chinese tea in the international market.