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business activity

2018 tea health and safety conference was held in fuzhou city, fujian province, china

release time:2018-07-23

on march 10, 2018, china tea oolong tea division held the tea health and safety conference in fuzhou city, fujian provicne, china, and this is the seventeenth consecutive year that china tea held tea health and safety conference. in june 2017, china tea formed four major divisions, i.e., oolong tea division, puer tea division, black tea division and green tea division to realize the all-category and integrated operation so as to complete the reform of mixed ownership in accordance with the requirements of the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission and cofco group, thus to implement the overall layout of "integration" and "a board of chess". more than 200 people attended the meeting, including suppliers, customer representatives, delegates from government departments and media of china tea in fujian, china tea in xiamen and china tea in quanzhou.

at the conference, luo xinghuo, person in charge of purchasing business of oolong tea division and deputy general manager of china tea in fujian, indicated that in 2018, oolong tea division, china tea will strengthen the quality and safety work in several aspects such as adherence to the domestic and foreign food safety standards, source control over pesticide residues at tea growing, construction of quality and safety risk control along the whole industry chain. the tea health and safety conference is hoped to actively promote cofco’s management philosophy of "industry chain and good products" and make joint efforts to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the tea industry.

chen xuequn, head of foodstuff depratment, fuzhou entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau, pointed out in his speech, that china tea in fujian worked comprehensively and effectively in terms of tea health and safety control, reached the inspection qualified rate of exported products up to 100%, and played a very good leading and exemplary role in the promotion and development of the tea industry as a key leading enterprise for agricultural industrialization in fujian province.

wang xin, principal staff member of planting management office of fujian provincial agriculture department introduced the development situation of the tea industry in fujian in 2017, for example, the provincial tea industry continued to maintain steady growth; the raw tea output reached 452,000 tons, up 6% on a year on year (yoy) basis; the output value was rmb 23.5 billion, up 8% on a yoy basis; and both these two items ranked the first in china. in 2018, to implement the concept of green development proposed in the report of the 19th national congress of the communist party of china, the tea industry will carry out the special action of advocating tea gardens to not use chemical pesticides in fujian to create the green development model in the tea industry. 

chen di from fuzhou entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau shared the export tea dynamics in 2017, sun weijiang, professor and doctoral supervisor of fujian agriculture and forestry university delivered the speech tilted the new dynamics and countermeasures of tea quality and safety, hu yicai, deputy general manager of zhangzhou enjoy argricultural technology co., ltd. shared the comprehensive understanding of diseases and insect pests in safe tea garden and analysis of cause of excessive pesticide residues, aiming at explaining the industry countermeasures of the tea industry development in fujian to tea suppliers and farmers in fujian, introducing the latest requirements for pesticide residues and the latest technology to prevent and control pesticide residues in japan, the european union and china, improving the source prevention and control of pesticide residues, and realizing "controllable source, monitorable process, and assured quality ".

wei saiming, deputy general manager of china tea, vice general manager of oolong tea division of china tea, and general manager of china tea in fujian, delivered a concluding speech.with combination of the key points of quality and safety work of cofco and china tea in 2018, he pointed out that 2018 is a year for cofco to implemente its quality and safety responsibility, so china tea would adhere to the concept of life first and safety first, to lay a solid management foundation in accordance with the requirements and deployment of the party committee of the group, to extert the standardized management of quality and safety at each link and node along the industry chain, to further effectively control pesticide residues on tea from the source, to make the quality and safety management take in the forefront of the chinese tea industry and lead the development of the tea industry, to transfer the brand proporsition of "national drink chinatea", thus to provide consumers with enjoyable way of tea life, and natural, green, healthy, safe, and high quality tea products.

in an interview with reporters, wei saiming expressed that china tea would continue to manage and control the tea sanitary safety, promote the growth of high quality, and combine with the overseas market layout implemented according to the belt and road initiative, and so on.

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