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china tea (yunnan) co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "china tea in yunnan") is mainly responsible for production, processing and sales at home and abroad of characteristic products such as puer tea, black tea, and green tea from the producing regions in yunnan, guizhou, and sichuan. with the sales channels built up around the nation (including hong kong, macao and taiwan), southeast asia, europe and the united states, it is one of the important business of puer tea industry in china.

china tea authorized hunan tea import & export company, china national produce and animal byproducts import and export corporation (the predecessor of china tea in yunnan, hereinafter referred to as “yunnan tea company”) to use the "chinatea" brand trademark on puer tea products. since 1951, yunnan tea company has organized and directed the four major tea factories (including kunming tea factory) under its control to use the "china tea" trademark on puer tea products. from then on the aging fragrance of time has been accumulated. the development of chinatea-branded puer tea equals the development of the whole puer tea industry. over the past more than 60 years, "read seal", "green seal", "blue seal" and other classic chinatea-branded puer tea products emerged endlessly. the brand chinatea has become the pronoun of aged puer tea.

the ripe tea pile fermentation technology developed by yunnan tea company, has played a very important role in the development of puer tea industry. in 1973, yunnan tea company and its subordinate kunming tea factory preliminarily successfully developed the ripe tea pile fermentation technology on the basis of absorption, reference and innovation, realizing the revolutionary innovation of the puer tea industry. in 1978, kunming tea factory organized and formulated puer tea processing technology and promoted it in the whole province, which played an important role in promoting the development of the puer tea industry.

since its establishment, yunnan tea company, on the one hand, has inherited the fine technology of yunnan tea company and continued to provide traditional products to consumers at home and abroad; on the other hand, it has been more committed to the development and production of new products that meet the market demand. to meet the multi-level needs of consumers, since 2013, yunnan tea company has developed core new products such as best yellow seal, best blue seal, classic 7541, quality 7581 brick, business series, famous mountains series, 73 green, and chinatea purple pottery, winning the market popularity and praise of consumers. unique natural resources has created "china tea" brand, and it is the common aspiration of the new generation of china tea staff to build "china tea" brand into the pronoun of the chinese puer tea. "china tea" brand is walking on the way to a new chapter in the history.
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